In Car Travel Kit

In Car Travel Kit

George Murphy

This looks like a large list, but most items can be stored easily in the trunk side bins (make sure no water leaks into them), the first aid kit compartment, glove compartment, and door storage bins. If you want to re-arrange the items on this list by location and make a check list to keep in the glove compartment - that way you'll know where to find something quickly.

M-B Tool Roll (factory)
- screwdriver, regular and Phillips head

- wheel mounting pin (Part No. 126 403 00 74)
- metric open-end wrenches
- combination pliers/wire cutters
- spark plug wrench

Add to M-B Tool Roll:
- needle nose pliers
- 2 electric test leads/jumpers, 3 feet long w/alligator clips
- mini-hacksaw
- test lamp or 12-volt tester
- 10-in Crescent wrench (needed to change diesel fuel filter)

Keep your tool roll in a side storage bin in the trunk where it will be
accessible even with a full load of luggage.

Fuse assortment (M-B systems)
- 8 amp (white)
- 16 amp (red)
- 25 amp (blue)

Other fuses
- radio, phone, CB radio, other added devices
- Diesels: fusible link for glow plug circuit

Keep fuses in glove compartment along with an ACCURATE tire pressure gauge.

Additional Basic Items - keep in trunk storage bins or in spare tire compartment:

- Electrical tape
- Flashlight w/spare batteries
- Hose repair kit
- Tubeless tire puncture repair kit
- Duct tape
- 2-3 feet length of fuel hose (be sure to use correct size) plus 2
- roll of heavy duty paper towels, glass cleaner
- Reflective safety vest and warning triangle (M-B part No. 000 590 14 12)
- Flares (3 or more)
- Tow strap
- Rags
- Small bottle of waterless hand cleaner
- M-B Glass Cleaner (Part #000 986 40 71)
- "Bug remover" sponge
- leather gloves; latex gloves
- fire extinguisher (at least 10:ABC rating)
- M-B First Aid Kit - check for completeness, add any special needs
- set of correct V-belts (keep old replaced ones)
- coat hangar wire (bend to fit around spare tire)
- wheel chocks (wood or plastic)
- spare wiper blades (rubber inserts)(renew every 6 months)
- jack, lug wrench, rags, hat
- 6"x6"x3/4" plywood jack base
- ACC mono-valve insert (1981 and up)
- collapsible water jug

Spares for diesel cars:
- spin-on fuel filter; in-line fuel filter
- 10-in Crescent wrench for spin-on filter (tool roll)
- rubber cap for last fuel injector

- glow plug fusible link (see fuses above)
- spare glow plug

Spares for gasoline cars:
- fuel filter
- points, condenser (older cars w/o electronic ignition)

- If spare tire/wheel is not the same as road wheels, make sure you have correct lug bolts for spare wheel, i.e., 4 alloy road wheels;steel wheel for spare (Do not use alloy style lug bolts with steel wheels nor vice versa)

- Cars with hydropneumatic suspension (6.9, 500SE/SEL, etc.): suspension blocks

MANUALS (in door pocket):
- Owners manual
- Parts picture book
- Wiring diagram (available from MBNA)
- Warranty and service booklets
- Vehicle registration
- local maps (city, state)
- M-B dealer directory; 800 number
- Latest copy of The STAR

- quart of motor oil (most M-Bs have a space in engine compartment)
- pint of brake fluid (Castrol LMA or M-B)
- cars with self-leveling (station wagons, S-class): 1 liter hydraulic fluid

Extended trip
- extra water, granola bars, etc.
- blanket, large candle, matches
- maps of trip areas

Winter trip - tire chains, sand, shovel, survival blanket, etc.