SL Hoist

SL Hoist - Do It Yourself
October 30, 1997
Romeo Raabe

I'm too cheap to buy one, and the garage roof in our condo is only 8 feet high so I built one for $25 that works slick. I cut 2 2X4's slightly longer than the 560sl is wide. I bolted an eye bolt in all 4 ends, sinking the nuts far enough into the underside so they don't protrude (in case of accidental contact with top of car). I screwed 4 matching eyes into garage ceiling beams. I drilled 2 holes in the one for the front of the top where the two pegs could go in, and one in the rear. Four tie down straps from the hardware store completed the rig to raise or lower it - each corner - one at a time - slowly and evenly. I keeps the top right up to the ceiling and last Friday I put the top back on the car BY MYSELF with no problem and no scratches. I could lower it down to 1/2 inch of its target, then lift it off and set it in place - front separately and rear separately.