Soft Top Windows Cleaning


Cleaning Soft Top Rear Window
Diana Quinn

The rear window and side windows on the 107's is made of a thick plastic material which is subject to scratches, discoloration and cloudiness.

To minimize this affect I recommend the following system of products to keep the windows nice and clear and shiney.

Meguir's makes a system of products made specifically for plastics. This system consists of the following products:

1. Plastic Cleaner - Used for deep cleaning and intital cleaning

2. Plastic Polish - Use after use of Plastic Cleaner

3. Plastic Care - Use for those inbetween cleanings when there is light amount of dirt for a quick touch up.

The products can be purchased at most Mercedes-Benz Dealerships or can be ordered from Mercedes-Benz directly by calling 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES

Each product costs around $7/bottle.