Wet Foot


Fixes for Wet Foot
August 13, 1998
George Murphy


Driving on hot humid day with the AC, experiencing water or condensation dripping on my right foot. A couple drops a minute.

Pull off the under dash cover on the driver's side and look at the expansion valve straight above the accelerator - it should be insulated. If not, go to an Heating and A/C contractor and get a roll of insulation tape - it is about 1" wide sticky black tape that molds easily around the valve and connecting lines to insulate them from the surrounding air. In this manner no more condensate will form on the valve and drip on your foot.

OR . . .

Look at the evaporator case and see if it is dripping water (condensate). If so, the drains are plugged. Go under the car and carefully probe upward through the drains (above the transmission) to unplug the mud and insect debris from the drain - don't push too hard as you could poke a hole in the evaporator coils and then you will have big$$$ repair. (For obvious reasons, don't stand directly under the drains . . .)

Here's more:

107 air intake drains Tech Tip from Jon LeChevet, Burke, VA On 107 SLs, each front vent covers an air intake plenum that has a drain hose that discharges undercarriage, forward of the transmission torque converter housing and
toward the center of the car. By elevating the car, you can see the drain hoses. The two forward hoses are for the air intakes and the two rearward hoses are for the air conditioning condensate pan. The drainage path is a metal tube terminating in a rubber hose with a self sealing lip. These darn things always plug up from debris that falls through the vent grills or some insect builds a nest in them.

Solution: Remove the grills and clean out the drains from above with a stiff wire. Use compressed air to remove the last bit of dirt and test the flow with a copious amount of water. Install new rubber ends from the underside if they have hardened with age. Reinstall the grills using six (6) new plastic rivets, part number 000-990-22-92. Be prepared to repeat the procedure in a few years.