Window Switch Repair

SL Window Switch Repair
November 13, 1998
Gene Helmuth

Tools to carry in a zip-lock bag:

Two 4" screwdrivers
One small file 6" or smaller
One brush for cleaning
One pair of tweezers 6" for replacing springs & balls
One Q-tip for cleaning
One 6" strip of emery paper (fine-grit)

Step 1.
Take the switch out of the console by means of a 4" standard screwdriver. This can be done by lifting the switch part of the way up,
and out, & unplug the wiring block. Some plug into the side, some into the back of the switch. The block plugs in only one way and switches are
not interchangeable. With the switch in hand, take two screwdrivers, 4" type, & pry off the chrome cover. Do this slowly, as it holds the switch
together and you want to see how it works for reassembly. (it's pretty simple) Two steel balls, two springs, two brass rockers. What goes
wrong, is, the contacts on the switch get corroded and need to be cleaned for current to flow through.

Step 2. Take a small file, I carry a 6" jewelers file (fine-cut) and a piece of emery paper (fine-grit) to clean the contact points. Reassemble the switch and the window will work.

This process can be done on a cold, windy day in your car in about 20 minutes.

Note about the window switch: Do not hold the switch down any longer than to close or open the window. There is no limit switch on these cars. If your window moves slowly, clean the contacts to gain full power.