Winter Soft Top Storage


Soft Top Winter Storage
Joel Garblik

1. Make sure softtop and window are clean. Don't want to close up the top with gritty pieces rubbing against the window.

2. I find regular car wash soap is good on the top, brush it and rinse it thoroughly. I clean/polish the plastic window with the Meguiar's plastic cleaners and polish.

3. Make sure it is dry before closing down.

4. As top is folded down, lay a clean cotton towel (or flannel sheet, or diaper) into the fold. This way there won't be a plastic to plastic rubbing. It won't hurt to lay a 2nd sheet on top of everything.

5. Make sure the fabric folds are tucked under evenly...not bunched up in the corners.

6. If possible, try to keep a cover on the car, even if it garaged. Moisture can still get into the well.